Cinnamon Twists

So damn good I am going to have to ration how many times I make these!

Greek Lamb

You know when the meat just falls apart and is still so nice and juicy? This is one of those recipes.

Beef Shin Pie

I think pie and mash is my all time favourite winter meal.

Monkfish Piquant

A belter of a midweek meal. Super quick to make and so damn tasty.

Baked Meatballs

The best baked meatballs! Juicy, melt in the mouth, cheesy and rich.

Whole Roasted Celeriac

You know when you take that first bite and can’t help but say wow? I did that with this.

Honey Glazed Ham

This glaze from Gordon Ramsey is so heavenly we haven’t varied from it in months now

Roast Chicken with Gremolata

A really yummy way to jazz up a roast chicken, the gremolata is so tasty you’ll end up wanting to spoon it on everything.

Chilli Jam

I have never really been in to chilli jam before but oh my I am converted. I now want to spoon it on everything.

Garlic & Tomato Tuscan Salmon

After how well the Tuscan salmon went down I thought I would try and create a slightly healthier version using my goodies from Seafood By Sykes.

Naan Bread

Once I started making these at home I have never looked back.

Cherry Tomato Sauce

Super simple but incredibly tasty cherry tomato sauce. Using cherry tomatoes adds a really nice sweetness to the sauce that lends itself nicely to lots of grated Parmesan.

Teriyaki Salmon Bites

This is a winner of a marinade. I think they lasted all of about 3 minutes, they were so juicy.

Miso Onions

I can confirm these are the best onions I have ever tasted.

Gordy’s Asian Beef Salad

The perfect way to use up leftover roast beef. Nice and healthy, the veg can be mixed up depending on what you have in the fridge and the dressing is unreal.

Chicken Curry Korma-style

Chicken curry korma-style from Marcus Wareing’s ‘At Home’ book (now obsessed with this curry and is definitely worth the extra effort in making the paste)


The pasta sauce of dreams; slow cooked amatriciana 🍝 ⁣

Ginger Shakin Beef

I have had Jamie Oliver’s ‘5 Ingredients’ book for years and never got round to making anything until recently. Now I am completely converted to how quick, easy and most importantly yummy the recipes are!

Chicken Marbella

Well this was bloody marvellous. Highly recommend; I’ll definitely be whipping this out for visitors many times to come.

Potato Salad

This is a potato salad recipe you need in your repertoire. Super easy, nice and tangy and a great addition to a summer spread.

Honey, Lime & Sriracha Chicken Skewers

Mum found this recipe online a few months ago via @onceuponachef and decided to give it a go as it had 397 5 star reviews (I know, that’s a lot). We loved it then, have sent it to quite a lot of friends since and cooked it a few more times since.

Asian Chicken Traybake

Since I started following @simplyfoodbymandy I have saved nearly all her recipes, but this one has been at the top of my ‘to try’ list and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Super tasty but even better it is so easy to make. ⁣

Salmon with Thyme & Garlic Tomatoes

When I come home late from work I normally want to eat as quickly as possible, without reaching for a ready meal. This is perfect for that; fridge to table in under 15 minutes.

Mango Glazed Cod

I made this twice in one week, think that says it all. A perfect quick, easy and healthy midweek dinner recipe.

Honey, Soy & Ginger Pork

My absolute favourite pork recipe (I think all my family / friends will vouch for this as no doubt I have cooked it for them at some point too).⁣

Gremolata Prawns

How much better are prawns in the shell though?! These are the gremolata prawns from Rich Stein’s seafood odyssey cookbook – mum’s go-to for seafood)⁣⁣

Chorizo Chicken

Next time you want to jazz up a chicken breast, give this recipe from Marcus Wareing a try. Relatively simple but absolutely packed with flavour, it really transforms a simple piece of meat.

Beef Tataki

So now I don’t need to order beef tataki EVERYTIME I see it on a menu as we can make it even better at home thanks to my new favourite book by Jennifer Joyce

Rose Petal Lamb Chops

The first time I made these I thought surely all this rose malarkey is just for show, but hell no this marinade is 👌🏻⁣.

Roasted Tomato Salad

An absolute gem from Delia. The type of recipe that can wake you up because it smells that good.

Melon and Ham

There is something about melon and Parma ham that just transports me to the Italian riviera (a girl can dream right?! 🇮🇹) ⁣ ⁣

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